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LTC Network - Enhancing Your Reimbursement & Growth

Your pharmacy will be strengthened through GeriMed’s established and widely-recognized Medicare Part D network. Our network services are designed to ensure that your pharmacy obtains reimbursement and contract terms that benefit your bottom line and empower you as an independent LTC pharmacy provider.

Allow GeriMed’s network staff to be the pharmacy’s expert for third party challenges. Below are some of the many ways GeriMed provides solutions for LTC pharmacies.

  • MAC Spotlight
    • Dispute Underpaid Claims
    • Track Third Party Price Increases
    • Identify Best Price
  • Third Party Claim Support
    • Prior Authorizations
    • Claim Overrides
    • Rejections
    • Short Cycle Dispense
    • Claim Re-work
    • Part B vs. D
    • Hospice Claims
  • Best Available Evidence
    • Low Income Cost Share