LTC Third Party Network

Billing service

The GeriMed LTC Network offers LTC reimbursement to pharmacies servicing patients in long term care and assisted living facilities. GeriMed’s network is designed for pharmacies that provide the special services, such as compliance packaging, delivery and pharmacist consultation, that LTC facilities require.

What services does the GeriMed Long Term Care Network offer pharmacies?

  • Contracts with LTC rates for 99% of all Medicare Part D plans
  • Contracts with rates for commercial, managed care medicaid and hospice plans
  • Expert support to assist with Part D claims resolution
  • Unique software program to manage all Part D Formularies. This program organizes the information by plan and provides utilization tools such as Copay Tier, Prior Authorization, Quantity Limits and Step Therapy.
  • Medication Therapy Management Contracts
  • Information on prior authorization forms, BIN and PCN numbers, and other relevant materials
  • Assurance that long term care claims are paid at GeriMed contracted rates