Combo Criteria

In order to participate in the special GeriMed Combo Program which offers the entire portfolio of  generic contracts and select brand manufacturer contracts,  retail pharmacies must have their long term care inventory separated from their retail inventory.  The long term care part of the business can be servicing long term care facilities include skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, assisted living, personal care homes, group homes, chronic psychiatric facilities, correctional facilities, medical at home, and other long term care facilities.

Brand manufacturers have strict criteria for eligibility and GeriMed must adhere to these criteria in order to continue to negotiate favorable contracts for the long term class of trade.   Manufacturers reserve the right to refuse eligibility of individual members.  Pharmacies servicing retail and long term care dispensing services in the same pharmacy must have a separate account number with their wholesaler(s) for retail and long term care purchases.  Data must be provided to GeriMed for the separate long term care facility(ies) wholesale account on a regular basis (frequency determined by wholesaler system).  Data from the separate retail account shall be available upon request by GeriMed. Several of the brand manufacturers do require dispensing data from the long term care part of the business.  This must be provided in order to have access to these types of contracts.

When becoming a member, an officer of the company must sign an “Own Use Statement” defining what type patients are serviced and that the medications are dispensed directly to the patient and not sold to a third party or distributor.