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Combo Criteria

Brand manufacturers have strict criteria for eligibility and GeriMed must adhere to these criteria in order to continue to negotiate favorable contracts for the long-term class of trade. Manufacturers reserve the right to refuse eligibility of individual members. Pharmacies servicing retail and long-term care dispensing services in the same pharmacy must have a separate account number with their wholesaler(s) to delineate between retail and long-term care pharmaceutical inventory/purchases. Consequently, in order for your ‘combo pharmacy’ to be able to participate in GeriMed’s ComboMed™ Program, you must have a method of keeping track of both the long-term care (LTC) pharmaceutical inventory from the retail inventory.

No longer is a physical segregation the only method for you to be compliant with such manufacturer LTC requirements. With proper execution by your pharmacy software vendor and wholesaler(s), our dual-taxonomy (dual NPI, dual NCPDP) set-up allows for a VIRTUAL segregation and tracking ability of both inventories, all with minimal implementation requirements and operational interruptions.

To ensure both GeriMed and your pharmacy remain compliant with those manufacturers providing discounts on pharmaceuticals for LTC patients, we must receive your LTC purchase data on a regular basis (frequency determined by wholesaler system). Data from your existing retail account must also be sent to GeriMed on a regular basis. Additionally, dispensing data from the LTC part of your pharmacy business is also required to participate in the program. GeriMed receives dispensing data from many software companies directly, with some software requiring a manual upload on our secure website. Such reconciliation measures must be present in order to have access to these types of competitively-negotiated pharmaceutical contracts.

When becoming a member, an officer of the company must sign an “Own Use Statement” defining what type of patients are serviced and that the medications being purchased via your LTC wholesaler account are being dispensed directly to that existing LTC population (not your retail patients), and that such pharmaceutical products are not sold to a third party or distributor.
Contact us with any questions on the criteria details described herein.