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Precision Edit


Pharmacies Can Now Take Control Of Their Pharmacy Claims With P℞ECISION EDIT!

  • Edits Review Claims Prior To Submission
  • Properly Administer New NCPDP Codes
  • Overcome Staff Training Issues
  • Over 60 Pharmacy Claim Edits
  • Edits Unique To Long Term Care
  • Reporting! What Pharmacies Need To Know
  • Edits Are Flexible, Custom & Point Of Sale
  • No Software Necessary or Delay In Claims Processing

LTC Pharmacies can partner with an industry leader with over 30 years in LTC pharmacy experience.

  • Stop Under-billed Claims and Under-paid Claims
  • Stop chasing pharmacy reimbursement
  • Guaranteed return on investment
  • Reduce the number of times claims are touched
  • Save money on switch fees and payer processing fees