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Services and Pharmacy Tools

Let RxMed lead the way in strengthening your community retail pharmacy. RxMed is a retail pharmacy buying program designed to help independent pharmacies obtain low contract pricing on pharmaceuticals. With our understanding of industry trends, we have also compiled several pharmacy tools and services that may offer your business the competitive advantage that all organizations desire.

At RxMed, we constantly strive to develop innovative strategies for our clients, — so ask yourself: How might these benefits better serve your organization?

Substantial Savings on Pharmacy Services

As a group purchasing organization, RxMed offers its independent pharmacies fantastic rates on generic pharmaceuticals, injectables, IV solutions and sets, OTCs, vitamins, herbal products, medical and surgical supplies, and business products.

Choice of Prescription Drug Wholesaler

RxMed encourages members to choose suppliers based on their specific needs. Our pricing is loaded with negotiated preferred arrangements with all the major wholesalers and most regional wholesalers as well. Feel free to stick with your current wholesaler, or review our many options to compare them and find the best deal.

Extensive Product Line

RxMed offers a wide range of products, which includes thousands of items provided by many pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers.

Generic Pharmaceutical Products

Thousands of generic pharmaceutical products are available through RxMed. Awards are made to manufacturers on the basis of low bids, product quality and product availability.

Contract Pricing Portfolio

A web-based software program, the Contract Pricing Portfolio is available as a complimentary tool from RxMed. This Windows-based program allows members to view contracted items in a variety of formats. This information is updated daily and can be found in the Members Only section.

RxTrac Invoice Analysis

RxMed offers an electronic review of invoices for all of our member pharmacies’ wholesale purchases. We analyze this data for discrepancies between contract pricing and the actual prices paid by our clients. We then send a spreadsheet report to our members and their wholesalers to ensure that members receive the appropriate pricing for their dates of purchase. Proper attachment to the RxMed contract also ensures the pharmacy receives all achieved rebate dollars. Wholesalers have agreed to review reports prepared by RxMed because they are consistent and an actual human analyst reviews the data for accuracy before sending them.

Best Buy Reporting

Through Best Buy reporting, RxMed shows pharmacies any purchasing opportunities for generic products that are priced below what they are currently paying. At times, ensuring a pharmacy always purchases the correct generic product can be difficult. Wholesalers promote their source program products and may not always list the less expensive RxMed product on their ordering screens. The Best Buy report can be used to ensure pharmacies are aware of the lowest priced product available.