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Retail Criteria

The RxMed program is available to all retail pharmacies that provide pharmacy services to the community. Wholesalers, distributors, clinics and physician offices are not eligible to receive pricing. Members must submit copies of a current DEA certification and an active state pharmacy license prior to entering the program. Any changes or updates to this information must be copied to RxMed.

As part of the contract signed by RxMed members, the pharmacy must abide by the decisions of each manufacturer or supplier regarding eligibility. Special requirements, such as minimum purchases and the completion of specific applications, may also apply. The manufacturer has the final say on the eligibility of each pharmacy, but in cases when a pharmacy is denied eligibility, an explanation from the manufacturer is preferred.

Members may use their wholesaler of choice to purchase contract items. In the event that a member’s wholesaler is not currently participating in the RxMed program, the wholesaler can be contacted to sign an agreement for distributing RxMed contract items. RxMed welcomes all NWDA wholesalers into its program.