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Home Infusion Criteria

This program is available to all retail pharmacies that provide enteral and parenteral therapy directly to home care patients. An Own Use Statement certifying that the services and products we provide are for the direct use of home care patients is required for all members. The purpose of the statement is to ensure drug manufacturers that their products are not being resold to physicians or wholesalers or sold to a non-home care patient.

Choosing Your Customers Based on the “Own Use” Stipulation

To help our clients meet their required “own use” assurance standard, we have included a detailed description of the customers qualified to receive our contracted products and services.

The therapy (products and services) may be provided to …

  • A home care patient directly, or to his/her third party payer.
  • A patient receiving the therapy in a physician’s office, as long as the therapy is part of an admixture service. (The drugs must be prepared at the pharmacy for administration by staff at the pharmacy’s office.)
  • A home healthcare agency, if the product is part of an admixture service or if the patient (or third party payer) is directly billed for the products.
  • A nursing home or hospice patient.

Each manufacturer may require the pharmacy provider to sign a specific criteria or Own Use Statement as per their policy. They have the right to decide on the final eligibility of IVMed members before members can access their contracts. Some manufacturers may require members to be closed door in order to access pricing.